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  • Villa Breza in Kazanlyk

    "Villa BREZA" guest house is your new opportunity for relaxing and making friends among a variety of places for alternative and rural tourism in Bulgaria. Visitors will escape noise, polluted air and dynamic way of life in the big city. They will notice a calm pace of life in the village and listen to bird songs. The air is clear and full of oxygen. Summer nights are quiet and cool. There are no restaurants and cafes, loud music and noise during the nights.

  • Villa Rai and Akatsia in Kazanlyk

    If you intend to run away from the vanity and noise of the city, if your soul dreams to be cleaned in the temple of nature, if your eyes wish to enjoy amazing sunsets, than reading these lines, you have found YOUR PLACE. Villa "Rai" is situated in the hills above the village Srednogorovo, cozily nested in an acacia copse. A beautiful home, which combines the traditional style with the modern way of life.