Arts and Crafts

Thanks to their aesthetic sense and conception of the world, the Bulgarian artists are able to create art out of any material - wood and clay, wool and copper, silk and silver.

Applied crafts have gradually emerged from the narrow framework of strictly domestic life to become an art which breeds art: Bulgarian embroidery with its complex geometrical figures, Bulgarian rugs and carpets with their vibrant colors, exquisitely painted Bulgarian ceramics, finely ornamented Bulgarian fretwork and superbly fashioned Bulgarian jewelry.

The Samovodene Market in Veliko Tarnovo, the Permanent National Exhibition of Folk Art in Oreshak near Troyan and the Etara architectural and ethnographic complex near Gabrovo are all original museums of the revived beauty of Bulgarian handicrafts. In such places you have the chance to find yourself a unique souvenir from Bulgaria - a small carved wooden wine vessel, a Troyan pottery set, a fleecy Rhodope rug, an original piece of silver jewelry, a finely embroidered silk blouse or a vial of rose oil, whose intoxicating fragrance will carry you to our Valley of Roses at any time.
  • Etara Architectural and Ethnographic Complex

    Eight km from the center of Gabrovo, master craftsmen fashion beautiful gold, silver, copper, leather and wooden articles right before your eyes from early morning until late at the night.

  • Troyan

    In the 19th century a huge market-place grew up near the Troyan Monastery, with its tradition very much alive today.

  • Troyan Monastery

    Above all, the Troyan Monastery is famous for the creative work of Zahari Zograph who painted both the exterior and the interior of the church.




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