Just 10 km away from the capital Sofia, BANKYA is one of the country's oldest and best known spa resorts. It is situated in the green foothills of the Lyulin Mountain, at an altitude of 630-640 m. The Mineral water is slightly mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbonic-sulphate-sodium clear, colorless, with a temperature of 36.5-37°C. The climate is temperate continental, qualified as soothing and invigorating, and combined with the fresh mountain air and lush surrounding forests provides you with the perfect location for a relaxing holiday. The summer in Bankya is fresh, the autumn warm and sunny and the winter moderately cold. These conditions are perfect both for year-round spa treatment, as well as for general prophylactics.

Featured accommodation

  • Bankya Palace Spa Hotel
    Rates include breakfast, insurance fee, resort tax and VAT. The room is at your disposal till 12.00 noon. Volume corporate convention and group rates available on request.