One day in Sofia

Are you dreaming of a day, with no rush, no pre-planned program and no sightseeings check list? Then join us in our favorite Saturday walk downtown with a cup of coffee and a smile on your face.

Did you wake up at 10 am? There is no need to panic- your day is far from ruined. You will just have to leave all your maps and guides behind, take a deep breath and set off on our favorite walk through town. But first things first – time for breakfast – Bulgarian style of course. Our suggestion – tomato and feta cheese, bread and lukanka. Simple yet delicious.

You will inevitably come to the Sofia University Station and will immediately come face to face with our pride and joy – the impressive Alexander Nevski cathedral, the biggest orthodox church on the Balkan Peninsula. On the way to the National Gallery (the former king’s palace), make sure to stop by the Russian church – even though smaller than Vasilii Blazheni in the Red Square in Moscow, it’s still worth seeing. From there make your way through the National Theater park to our favorite coffee place – Costa. If you enjoy chess, stop by one of the many attractive, if not a bit loud, pairs of chess players, sitting by the fountain 24/7.

Do you like books? Well, of course you do. Find your book, or it might actually find you somewhere on the Slaveikov square open-air market. For a light lunch – go to “Brasserie”.

What we like to do after our classy lunch is stroll down Vitosha street, which combines two of the things we love – shopping and the marvelous view of Vitosha mountain. You can then stop and relax for a bit on a bench in the park behind Hilton hotel. The Sofia City Center Mall will be there for all your needs – having a drink, a nice meal, some shopping or just a feel-good movie.