Nesebar Museum Town

Situated on a small peninsula (in the immediate vicinity of the large seaside resort of Sunny Beach), one of the oldest towns in Europe still keeps the spirit of different ages and peoples - Thracians, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines and Bulgarians.
Nesebar is sometimes said to be the town with the highest number of churches per capita. Although this might not be true, their number and variety is impressive: the Old Bishopric or the Church of St. Sophia is in an early Byzantine style (4th-5th c.); the New Bishopric (St. Stefan), contains valuable 12th century murals; and the Christ Pantocrator and Aliturgetos churches (13th-14th c.) are among the best preserved until today.
Nesebar's National Revival houses with stone foundations and broad wooden eaves, overhanging narrow cobbled lanes leading right into the sea, are also remarkably beautiful.