Old capitals

Bulgaria's old capitals – Pliska, Preslav and Veliko Tarnovo – have been the face of the state since its creation. They witnessed both times of greatness and periods of obscurity during different eras of the historical development of the country. Rich in archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, the old Bulgarian capitals are a bridge between our country and the European cultural heritage.
  • Pliska

    This is the name the Proto-Bulgarians gave to the first capital of their new state.

  • Veliki Preslav

    It took Tsar Simeon 28 years to establish and build-up the second Bulgarian capital, Preslav, so that to correspond to the prosperity and upsurge of the Bulgarian state, the conversion to Christianity, and the creation of the Slav script and culture.

  • Veliko Tarnovo

    Tarnovo - The capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185 - 1393)




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