Pictorial Art

Now that our knowledge of the world is more comprehensive, art will not remain the same as bequeathed to us by the ancient Tracians or by the painters of the National Revival period. Modern Bulgarian art conveys contemporary artists' conception of the world, tries to capture their elusive thought and communicates their feelings. The inspiring Madonnas of Vladimir Dimitrov - The Master, the gentle watercolors of K. Shturelkov, the poetry of N. Petrov, the fantastic images of S. Seferov, the blazing colors of G. Genkov, the fine drawings of B. Angelushev, and the detailed shapes of A. Dalchev and V. Rashidov, are only a small part of the national wealth.
You will find galleries in almost all Bulgarian towns and cities - large and small, state-owned and private ones - displaying the achievements of Bulgaria's creative artists. The richest collections are kept in the National Art Gallery in Sofia, which traces the development of Bulgarian art from its classical forms until today's modern visual means; the Sofia City Gallery, which popularizes the work of the many different masters of fine art; and in the Art Gallery of the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Foundation where works from all the world are exhibited.