Pomorie, one of Bulgaria's best known mud treatment and seaside resorts, was founded during the 5th century B.C. It is situated on a peninsula which juts out 3.5 km into the sea, 20 km north of the city of Bourgas. The famous Pomorie curative mud lake and salt pans, numerous vineyards and gardens are located nearby. The prime curative factors here are the Pomorie healing mud, the lake lye, the favorable sea climate, the blue sea and the lovely beach.
It is a fact that Pomorie's firth medicinal mud and its properties are one of the most effective in the world. In its liquid phase it contains sulphates, magnesium, bromine, iodine, humic acids, hormone-like substances, vitamins, amino acids and metasilicic acid. The mud is also used for preparation of healing pastes and ointments.
The sea lye, which contains curative magnesium, bromine, iodine and sulphate ions, and is used for bandages and electrophoresis, is of great therapeutic value.
The favorable sea climate offering plenty of sunshine, the wide beach strip, the sea and, above all, the unique Pomorie curative mud and lye, have made the resort a very popular destination for treatment, prophylactics and recreation, as well as for relaxation and enjoyment.

Featured accommodation

  • Sunset Resost in Pomorie
    Sunset Resort comprises a total of 770 units, 727 of which are apartments with one, two and three bedrooms, and 43 are studios up to 35 sq.m. The latter are situated in aparthotel Eta only and accommodate maximum two persons.

  • Festa Pomorie Resort
    "Festa Pomorie Resort is located on the south beach of Pomorie, one of the oldest resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The five-star resort has a hotel and apartment area and provides many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. "Festa Pomorie combines impressive architecture and comfort of the interior and exterior spaces. The complex offers all amenities for a pleasant holiday at Sea combined with high level of service and style of the brand "Festa Hotels.