If you are reading this page then it seems you have a reason to come to Sofia - meeting a friend from the old days, going to the wedding of a relative or maybe discovering the beauty of an unknown destination? Whatever the reason, Sofia is a great place to visit and will offer you a lot of surprises and unforgettable moments. You can go skiing in the morning, attend a business meeting in the early afternoon, have dinner in a stylish restaurant in the evening and finish the day enjoying the company of your friends, singing and dancing in a live music club.
  • One day in Sofia
    Are you dreaming of a day, with no rush, no pre-planned program and no sightseeings check list? Then join us in our favorite Saturday walk downtown with a cup of coffee and a smile on your face.

  • Sofia for less urban travellers
    If Sofia urban life bores you be adventurer for one day:
    - Go skiing in Vitosha mountain;
    - Relax in a Renaissance atmosphere in Koprivtsica;
    - Rise your spirits in Rila Monastery;

  • Sofia for history and culture lovers
    Sofia is a city that grows but never ages. Founded over 7,000 years ago, Bulgaria’s modern capital testifies to the country’s eternal bond between past and present. Monuments to its rich Thracian, Roman, Bulgar and Ottoman history rub shoulders with modem-day edifices of cosmopolitan city life. Over 250 historic landmarks and architectural monuments blend in with the city’s modern skyline.