Vitosha Ski resort

The mountain resort is situated in the immediate vicinity of Sofia, on the eastern slopes of Vitosha's highest peak - Cherni Vrah (2290 meters). Being only 22 km away from Sofia, this is Bulgaria's highest ski resort. In addition, Vitosha offers great opportunities for hiking as it is declared a national park.

Skiing and leisure
Vitosha offers excellent conditions for snow sports – an extensive network of ski runs and lifts as well as four new high-class hotels situated at the foot of the mountain, offering comfort and entertainment to the tourists. The hotels and restaurants, which are in close proximity to the ski runs and lifts are of lower class but can nevertheless offer to the tired skier a cup of hot tea and a delicious dish.

Guaranteed snow and beautiful weather
Snowing starts in December and remains stable until late in the spring. The snow cover reaches a thickness of 150 cm. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days and the average temperature of the air during the coldest month, January, is minus 6°C.

Great skiing for everyone
The ski runs, most of which are situated on the slopes high above the forest, are suitable for all kinds of skiers - from beginners to experts, while the steep slopes just beneath Cherni Vrah might prove a challenge even for a champion. There are excellent conditions for slalom and cross-country skiing, as well as for hiking. The resort has 13 ski runs (7 for beginners, 4 intermediate, and 2 for experts), two of which have been approved by the International Skiing Federation for international competitions in Alpine disciplines and cross-country skiing. The ski runs are maintained in a perfect condition.

Ski school – Experience you can rely on
Vitosha has the oldest ski school in Bulgaria – “Aleko & Moten ski school”. The school has a high reputation and long-established traditions. There is another ski and snowboard school called “Machirski”, which is newer. The total staff comprises 40 skiing and snowboarding instructors, all fluent in various languages and ready to help both the novice and the advanced skier. The training is divided in 5 stages, from A to E, according to the level of difficulty and lessons may be taken individually or in groups. Cross-country skiing/snowboarding graduates receive certificates.

Ski and snowboard equipment rentals
The ski rental service offers more than 1300 sets of skiing equipment from world famous companies. In addition, skiers/snowboarders can leave their own equipment for safekeeping there.

Ski and Snowboard Package
The Ski Package Offer covers skiing/snowboarding school classes, unlimited lift usage, hire of ski/snowboard equipment or the storage of own equipment.

The Ski Patrol provides a 24-hour emergency service and is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. It has two bases - one at Cherni Vrah peak and one at the ALEKO Hostel.

Child care
Children above the age of 6 can attend the ski school.