Rose spring with the spring rose

Wed, 31 Mar 2010
Spring is coming...

Your ski are already in the basement, stored next to the backpack and the snorkel. So, what will you do now? Just sit around and wait for the summer to come? Noooo!

Spring can be exciting and full of energy just like the winter, or lazy and careless as the summer, or it could be just spring – fresh, charming, unexpected.
If long walks along the narrow streets lined up with blossoming trees in an old little town suite you or an endless rose field soothes your soul – then just come and indulge yourself! Bulgaria is here, waiting for you with open arms and a handful of sunshine and warmth.

Spring is the best time for travelers who love to explore new lands by finding their historical treasures, studying the national habits or discovering the beauty of the old arts and crafts.

Unravel the misery of the Bulgarian rose

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