If you dream of soft green slopes above which rise rugged snow-capped peaks, of crystal-clear blue lakes reflecting the whole universe, of diving into a rumbling waterfall or of simply enjoying an easy afternoon in a small village with its dappled greens and bright yellows, then think no further - come visit the Bulgarian mountains!
  • Vitosha
    Be a businessman in Sofia for the first half of the day and a hiker exploring Vitosha mountain the other half!

  • Rila
    Get your backpack and head for the watery slopes of Rila mountain!

  • Pirin
    Attack the rocky Pirin mountain summits and become an accomplished climber!

  • The Rhodope mountains
    Take a weekend excursion in the lush Rhodope mountains!

  • Stara Planina
    Follow the ridge of Stara Planina, look down at both South and North Bulgaria then head east and reach the Black Sea.