Bulgaria's smallest town is hudding among frozen standstone puramids immobile for millennia, 190km south of Sofia. Thracians, Romans and Byzantines have writen its history. Traces of Melnik's story are prezerved in unique monuments of old architecture, some of which are of national significance.
Melnik's houses are spasious, whith wide eaves and towers, high stained glass windows, carved ceilings and large cellars, in which the famous Melnik wine matures. A single street leads to the finest example of the former splendor of this small souther town - The Kordopoulos House. It is famous for its Venetian stained glass windows, spacious rooms and salons, ornamental murals, exceptional fretwork, and wrought iron gate. Besides being the biggest house of the National Revival period on the Balkans, the Kordopoulov house has a large wine-cellar, from which caravans with the famous Melnik wine once left for Salonika, Athens, Vienna, Rome, and even Marseilles and Spain.