Birdwatching in Bulgaria, why not?

Thu, 8 Apr 2010
Spring is here and unlike us, who are yet to go holidaying, the birds are back from their summer vacation abroad. Birdwatching may not be something on top of your to-do list while on holiday but you should definitely spare some time while you are in Bulgaria to try it out.

So, armed with your hiking boots, bug spray, binoculars and an embarrassingly big camera it is time to head out. Where to now? The Rhodope mountains, the Black Sea coast and the Srebarna reserve on the Danube, close to Silistra, are some great spots for the passionate birdwatcher.

Your checklist of birds includes such rarities as the Dalmatian Pelican, Glossy Ibis and Spoonbill, Pygmy Cormorant, Black stork, Ferruginous duck, Egyptian, Black and Griffon vultures, Levant Sparrowhawk, Long-legged buzzard, White-tailed eagle, Golden and Eastern Imperial eagles, Lesser spotted, Booted and Short-toed eagles, Red-footed falcon, Chukar, Little and Spotted crakes, Slender-billed gull, Eagle and Scops owls, Pallid swift, Roller and Hoopoe, Calandra lark, Red-rumped swallow, Black headed yellow wagtail, Pied and Isabelline wheatear, Paddyfield , Olieve- tree, Olivaceous and Barred warblers, Semi-collared flycatcher, Sombre tit, Rock nuthatch, Wallcreeper, Lesser Grey and Masked shrikes, Rose-coloured starling, Black-headed and Ortolan buntings.