Whenever you think of the Bulgarian Black Sea, you can almost taste the shopska salad and hear the splashing of the sparkling blue sea. When you take your seat at the table, feeling the gentle sunbeams shine on you and hearing only laughter and the sound of clicking dishes, you feel at home. When you walk along the beach gazing at the rolling sands, you feel lighthearted.

So have a nice trip! And don't forget to leave behind the stress and worries and only pack your holiday spirit and a wide smile.
  • The Real View
    If your ideal vacation is taking long walks along the narrow streets of an old little town or maybe sitting at a cafe, sipping a cup of tea while watching the sunset, rather than lying in the blazing hot sun all day, being lazy, there are a few rather wonderful places that will suit you.
  • The Real Experience
    Do you prefer fun, sports and action over the prospect of lazy tanning? Some early-morning sailing instead of the usual late breakfast? Or maybe an evening at the casino followed by a long night of clubbing, rather than a sophisticated dinner at some fancy restaurant? If so, here are a few suggestions you might consider.
  • The Real Deal
    If you are for the careless vacation, a place where the food and drinks are minute's walk away from your sunbathing chair next to the pool, where you can leave you kids to play, eat all the ice cream and drink all the soda they want, or be dazzled by the heaps of organised activities available – then the Bulgarian all inclusive hotels will become a favourite spot. Some of the biggest resorts on our Black Sea Coast, like Golden Sands, Albena, Sunny Beach, Elenite, Sunny Day and Riviera, are bustling with hotels that will cater to your every need, so all you have to do is pick one and enjoy a carefree holiday!