No one, not even the most avid traveler, will be able to cover all earth's roads and come to know all worlds. But anyone could make a journey to knowledge - without forgetting where he started at and without losing the way back.

History has given Bulgaria a difficult and dramatic role. Much has perished, but even more has remained. The unfading beauty of Bulgarian arts and crafts, the jollity and radiance of Bulgarian festivals and customs, the delicious taste of Bulgarian cuisine and the delicate fragrance of Bulgarian wines will reveal to the traveler the rich spiritual world of our country.

  • Arts and Crafts
    Thanks to their aesthetic sense and conception of the world, the Bulgarian artists are able to create art out of any material - wood and clay, wool and copper, silk and silver.

  • Festivals and Customs
    Full of beauty, vibrancy and a healthy love of life, the Bulgarian festivals and customs date back to pre-Cristian and are considered to be the remains of Dionysian rites practiced by the Thracians and adopted by the Slavs.

  • Folklore
    Melodious tunes, beautiful voices, fiery dances and brightly colored costumes – this is Bulgarian folklore. It has to be seen, felt and experienced!

  • Cuisine
    Gourmets have long since esteemed the merits of Bulgarian cuisine with the verdict that it is tasty, spicy and varied, appealing to one and all.




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Archeological site Monastery Spa
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