Bulgaria has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Due to its geographical location, the territory of modern-day Bulgaria is among the earliest settled regions in Europe. Therefore, the monuments and artifacts of different historical epochs are numerous: prehistoric finds, Thracian tombs, archaeological sites from the Greek era, Roman and Byzantine castles, historical monuments from the time of the First and the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and from the period of national revival, architectural ensembles in the major cities, as well as entire villages that have preserved their authentic character.

  • Northwest Bulgaria
    In the ancient times, the Northwestern region of Bulgaria is inhabited by Thracian tribes. After the Roman conquest, numerous important military and commercial centers among which Ratiaria, Bononia and Montanezium are established.

  • Northeast Bulgaria
    The Northeastern region has a long and rich history. The remains of the necropolis near Varna confirm that this area was once inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

  • Southeast Bulgaria
    As other Bulgarian regions in ancient times, this territory is also inhabited by Thracian tribes.

  • Southwest Bulgaria
    The rich history of the Southwestern region determines its important and leading role throughout the centuries.




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