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  • Rose spring with the spring rose

    Your ski are already in the basement, stored next to the backpack and the snorkel.

  • Holiday villa in Varna

    Hello, You need a place for your summer holiday or may be for your party? We've got the right choice this time: Beautiful villa located in the city of Varna, close to the beaches and all resorts, but at the same time far from the noise of the high season life.

  • Sea

    Whenever you think of the Bulgarian Black Sea, you can almost taste the shopska salad and hear the splashing of the sparkling blue sea.

  • Trek

    If you dream of soft green slopes above which rise rugged snow-capped peaks, of crystal-clear blue lakes reflecting the whole universe, of diving into a rumbling waterfall or of simply enjoying an eas ...

  • Sofia

  • Varna

  • Rila

    Get your backpack and head for the watery slopes of Rila mountain!

  • Vitosha

    Be a businessman in Sofia for the first half of the day and a hiker exploring Vitosha mountain the other half!

  • Hotel Kiparis in Smolyan

    The hotel has 20 rooms: 8 single, 8 double, 2 maisonettes and 2 apartments. Its location makes it ideal for family weekends and holidays, as well as for business and work trips. The rooms have terraces with panoramic views to the mountain. They are decorated in Rhodope style, and are equipped with telephone, mini bar and satellite TV. A sauna and jacuzzi are also available to all guests of the hotel.

  • Hotel Smolyan

    The hotel is situated in the center of the town of Smolyan which is a Bulgarian town in the West Rhodopes along the Cherna river /a tributary of the Arda river/ at an attitude of about 1000m. Smolyan hotel is situated in the center of scientifically proved longevity region. Typical for this region are the following health features: mountain air breeze circulation, negative air ionization, high biological UV area, air with low microbe quantity, high clean air intensity.

  • Seven Hills Hotel in Plovdiv

    The Seven Hills hotel has 20 rooms – single, double and studio apartments with additional beds. They all are furnished and equipped according to the three star category standards. Each room is air-conditioned and has a bathroom with a bath and a shower, satellite television, a mini bar, a safe, external telephone communication and room service.

  • Romantica Hotel in Plovdiv

    “Hotel Romantica” is situated in the perfect centre of the city of Plovdiv and it is located in the newly restored antique house ( Cultural monument) , built in the beginning of the last century. In immediate proximity to the “Hotel Romantica” are located the Main trade street, the Municipality Building, the International Plovdiv Fair, as well as many famous historical and cultural monuments- the Old town, the Ancient Theatre, the Roman Odeon.

  • Kyustendil

    One of Bulgaria's best known spa resorts - the climate is temperate continental with a Mediterranean influence, the air is fresh and clean and the scenery is beautiful.

  • Aladzha Monastery

    This is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria...

  • Cherepish Monastery

    History links the name of Sophronius of Vratsa with two monasteries which are quite distant one from another – the Kapinovo and the Cherepish monasteries.

  • Kapinovo Monastery

    When looked at from the North, the Kapinovo Monastery strikingly resembles a medieval fortress.

  • Transfiguration Monastery

    Erected 7 km to the North of Veliko Tarnovo, the Transfiguration Monastery is a masterpiece of the 11th-century art and architectural principles.

  • Veliko Tarnovo

    Tarnovo - The capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185 - 1393)

  • Test tour

    This tour ...


  • Plovdiv Museum Town

    An ancient crossroad between the East and the West and Bulgaria's second largest city today, Plovdiv has preserved unique treasures from its 24 centuries-long history.

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