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  • Nesebar Museum Town

    Situated on a small peninsula (in the immediate vicinity of the large seaside resort of Sunny Beach), one of the oldest towns in Europe still keeps the spirit of different ages and peoples - Thracians ...

  • Shiroka Laka Museum Town

    The village is built in the narrow and steep valley of the Ludja river, tenderly embraced by the magnificent pastoral and sunny landscape of the Rhodope mountains.

  • Sozopol Museum Town

    The town, at first called Antheia, was colonized in 610 BC by Milesian settlers.

  • Tryavna Museum Town

    This small town seems like painted on the green Balkan Range peaks by the painters of the famous Tryavna school of art.

  • Troyan

    In the 19th century a huge market-place grew up near the Troyan Monastery, with its tradition very much alive today.

  • Kazanlak Tomb

    This tomb was built for a wealthy Thracian ruler in the 4th century B.C.

  • Kavarna

    - archeology
    - rock music
    - small fishermen huts
    - green energy

  • Sostra

    In the picturesque valley of the Osam river, in the heart of the Stara Planina mountain, just 12 km north of Troyan is situated Sostra – one of the best preserved Roman cities in present-day Bulgarian ...

  • Mound Golyama Kosmatka

    Golyama Kosmatka is a Thracian mound near the town of Shipka, in which on September 21st 2004, the famous Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov, discovers one of the most magnificent and richest Thraci ...

  • Mound Ostrusha

    The Thracian burial complex in mound Ostrusha near the town of Shipka is build in the middle of the 4th century BC and functions until the 4th century AD.

  • Mound Svetica

    In 2004, in mound Svetica near the village of Kran, is discovered a masoned tomb of a Thracian ruler form the 5th century BC.

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